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To create an accessible campaign to attract new Veganuary shoppers to Richmond’s meat-free range


What Pier did

Partner with a mega TikTok influencer with a strong and authentic brand alignment



Content that grabbed the attention of our target audience during a peak meat-free shopping occasion and delivered very impressive campaign metrics


Richmond challenged Pier to create a campaign which would complement their Relax, it’s Richmond comms platform. Pier worked with the client to partner with Sevda, an influencer known for her ‘Hey guys!’ intros with more than 1.2m followers on TikTok, to bring Richmond products to life during Veganuary.

Sevda created three pieces of cracking content which went down a storm with her audience. Pier added further depth to the campaign with additional social media content across Richmond’s channels, including a competition. This was underpinned by a savvy paid strategy to elevate campaign reach.

Overall, the campaign achieved a reach of 719K – 19% above the KPI – with more than 34K engagements and a staggering average 4.7% engagement rate. Richmond’s channels saw a 4% increase in followers and Sevda’s content was saved more than a thousand times from fans keen to keep her accessible meat-free recipe content. Result!


As a popular, household name brand, Richmond is a familiar and reassuring name for consumers trying a vegan diet or meat-free alternatives for the first time. Finding the right partner for a TikTok campaign was key to reach this audience of consumers new to the category. Sevda’s channels, content strategy and audience make-up were the ideal fit for the Richmond consumer.

Pier negotiated a hard-working partnership with Sevda, securing organic rights so her content could be used on Richmond’s channels. Plus, we agreed exclusivity rights in meat-free during Veganuary to preserve the authenticity of the partnership. We needn’t have worried. Sevda was a huge advocate for Richmond and loved the range, making the partnership a joy to work on.

We carefully briefed Sevda to ensure she created a range of content to showcase different key messages for Richmond – from recipe creation to a wider range review. Creating a lasagne and a cooked breakfast, Sevda was able to show how Richmond and eating meat-free can easily slot into family life.

On Richmond channels, we used exceptional recipe photography – like the chilli con carne nachos pictured here – to entice audiences. Our competition to win a food shop for a month attracted more than 1,000 entries.

Across Instagram and TikTok we established Richmond as the obvious meat-free choice during Veganuary, and Sevda as its biggest champion.

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