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Devise an Veganuary campaign for Fridge Raiders that drives trial and awareness of Fridge Raiders Meat-Free Tasty Bites.


What Pier did

Pier developed a savvy influencer campaign strategy to drive meaningful reach across social media throughout the Veganuary occasion.



Our campaign delivered a fantastic reach of 740k and racked up an impressive average engagement rate of 15%.


To capitalise on the Veganuary occasion, Pier executed an influencer campaign across social channels to amplify awareness and drive trial of Fridge Raiders Meat-Free Tasty Bites during a key sales period for the product.

We secured a partnership with an established TikTok comedy content creator and partnered with three lifestyle focused influencers on Instagram who each appealed to a different community group to further amplify awareness of the Fridge Raiders Meat-Free Tasty Bites.

The results were fantastic, with a total combined reach of 740k and an average engagement rate of 15% across the campaign activity. Through our paid activity, we achieved an impressive average cost per result of £0.88, an exceptionally strong result during a highly competitive seasonal occasion such as Veganuary.


After launching Fridge Raiders Meat-Free Tasty Bites in mid-2022, January 2023 was the brands first chance to deliver a Veganuary campaign. Pier was briefed to amplify awareness of the product and drive trial and excitement. This was an apt opportunity to leverage our extensive influencer skills to land an exciting campaign for the brand’s first Veganuary.

With the plant-based category continuing to grow year on year, and Veganuary a key time for brands to create a buzz around its plant-based products, we needed to devise a strategy that put Fridge Raiders Meat-Free Tasty Bites at the forefront of existing consumers’ minds, as well as attracting new fans.

To ensure we maximised reach and maintained a steady drumbeat of content throughout January, our strategy focused on securing multiple influencer partnerships with established creators embedded in different communities, which was rolled out in intervals across the month.

Kicking off the campaign was a powerful influencer partnership with TikTok comedy heavy weight, Monica Geldart. A perfect fit for the role, Monica riffed off her well-known ‘Maisie’ skit to create an authentic sketch for the partnership that resonated with her audience. To elevate our partnership with Monica further, we also secured rights to uplift the reshare of her content on the Fridge Raiders brand channels, with paid spend used to further amplify reach of the campaign. Our paid campaign achieved an impressive average engagement rate of 17%, reflecting the importance of selecting influencer partners that align with the brand and produce authentic content to drive engagement from followers.

Following the partnership with Monica, to ensure we were reaching as many different audiences as possible, we partnered with lifestyle focused influencers on Instagram, to target audiences in the vegan, foodie, and family communities. We also repurposed their content for the brand channels to increase exposure.

Utilising influencer sub-communities, we were successful able to reach audiences across different sectors resulting in a total campaign reach of 740k.

Have you got a plant-based product you want to shout about next Veganuary? Get in touch with Pier to discuss how you can utilise influencer marketing to achieve meaningful cut-through.

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