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Partner with an authentic, credible high-profile chef ambassador to raise the profile of Del Monte® products and reach new audiences via their existing, engaged fan base.


What Pier did

Pier delivered an incredibly successful six-month campaign with Jack Monroe, featuring a series of brand-new, exclusive recipes communicated via digital and traditional media and supported by a punchy social media campaign including a live recipe demonstration on Instagram.



The results speak for themselves – we smashed our KPIs with close to 100 pieces of coverage, a potential reach of over 20 million people and 6 high-profile national interviews.


As a food writer, journalist and activist who is well known for campaigning on food poverty issues, Del Monte®’s collaboration with Jack Monroe was a natural, authentic fit from the very beginning.

The partnership marked a first of its kind for Del Monte® and underpinned the brand’s commitment to quality, value and nutrition. With the campaign built around six bespoke recipes hand-crafted by Jack, we inspired families across the UK to create nutritious, appetising and affordable dishes using Del Monte®’s most popular products.


Our multi-faceted campaign kicked off a £10,000 donation from Del Monte® on behalf of Jack to the incredible Magic Breakfast charity that funds thousands of breakfasts for British children every year.

Jack’s delicious recipes were made available to consumers through our wide-reaching digital and PR campaign, including both Jack and Del Monte®’s social media channels, with the campaign hashtag: #YesWeCAN.

During the campaign period, Pier secured six high-profile media interviews in titles such as Grazia, Delicious and Stylist Magazine. Jack used these opportunities to highlight the amazing benefits of using canned fruit, especially at a time when many families were looking for ways to better manage household costs.

Underpinning our core PR campaign activity, we also ran a series of competitions in glossy magazines including Celebs Now and Woman’s Weekly, offering readers the chance to win a desirable book bundle from Jack (including her award-winning title Tin Can Cook) and a year’s supply of canned fruit, resulting in almost 112,000 entries.

Pier worked closely with Jack to develop a six-month social strategy with highlights including a fun and memorable Instagram live cook-along, featuring Jack’s infamous Upside-Down Pineapple Chicken recipe. The partnership was a roaring success, with Pier securing 97 pieces of branded coverage, with a total potential reach of over 20 million.

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“Pier has delivered a flawless press office as well as creative campaigns”

Sam Bennett, Del Monte® Marketing Controller UK

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