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Lead and direct all channels of communications for Low Carbon’s Beacon Fen Energy Park, from launch to examination.


What Pier did

Pier promoted the project and engaged with key stakeholders and the wider community from launch to examination, utilising a multi-channel approach.



We have so far identified, and engaged with, hundreds of stakeholders, residents and businesses across the project, gathering their feedback during stakeholder consultations and creating relevant reports ready for the DCO application to be submitted later in 2024.


In 2023/24, Pier was tasked with leading all external communications and stakeholder consultations for Low Carbon’s proposed Beacon Fen Energy Park – a solar and storage NSIP in the heart of Lincolnshire.


Pier project managed a complicated delivery timeframe from prior to Project launch in March 2023, right the way through to statutory consultation in 2024 and beyond. From facilitating public involvement through ways of communicating, including a stand-alone website, to delivering a press office and organising two public consultations to ensure communities and stakeholders could give feedback – our expertise guided the team of consultants from the start.

Our work involved management of tasks such as stakeholder mapping, key stakeholder briefings, organising all aspects of events and stakeholder consultation, and handling the content creation and design of all  media relations and stakeholder and community communications. We also applied technical knowledge to create the Project’s Statement of Community Consultation and are delivering the Consultation Report ready for application in summer 2024.


  • 2 successful public consultations across 12 months
  • 7 in-person events and 4 webinars
  • More than 400 attendees
  • More than 175 feedback forms

“From the outset, Pier has impressed us with their communications expertise and dedication to Low Carbon’s Beacon Fen Energy Park project. Their planning and knowledge shines through.”

James Hartley-Bond, Director, Low Carbon

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