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Raise the profile of HIPPOBAGs and clearly highlight their benefit as a flexible, eco-friendly alternative to a cumbersome metal skip


What Pier did

Pier developed an integrated campaign that centred around HIPPO’s peak Easter season with activity that reached and inspired potential HIPPO customers



We smashed the target reach with a total of almost 3 million, securing 25 broadcast interviews and coverage in a plethora of high profile glossy magazines across the UK


HIPPO tasked Pier with raising the profile of its core HIPPOBAG product during peak DIY season. Backed by solid consumer research and working in close partnership with celebrity interior designer Linda Barker, we made it our mission to put the mighty HIPPOBAG at the front and centre of DIY enthusiasts’ minds over the Easter period.


HIPPO has well and truly revolutionised the UK waste industry over the last 15 years. With the introduction of innovative HIPPOBAGs into the UK waste market, people now have access to convenient, eco-friendly ways to dispose of waste that does not fit into domestic bins, without turning to bulky metal skips. Pier’s challenge was to bring the benefits of HIPPOBAGs to life for consumers in new and creative ways.

Through targeted media releases and tailored communications to relevant home improvement, self-build and garden glossy magazines, Pier developed a DIY Easter campaign that packed a punch.

Backed by consumer research that identified COVID-19 as a catalyst for home improvement and Spring as the peak DIY season, Pier worked with Linda Barker as a spokesperson to offer tips and advice to budding DIY-ers, having just completed a kitchen renovation during lockdown herself. Linda’s profile was instrumental in securing 25 pieces of high-profile broadcast coverage, in addition to press coverage in HomeStyle, Your Home, Kitchen Garden and the Daily Express online, to name but a few.

Carefully curated influencer work with four garden enthusiasts resulted in engaging competitions, blog pieces and Top Tips from an influencer who was best known for his appearances on Channel 4’s Packed Lunch.

Pier smashed the target reach with a total of almost 3 million people across the UK.

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