Showcasing the East of England’s renewables prowess


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To promote the East of England as the UK’s leading clean energy supplier, GENERATE tasked Pier with raising the brand’s, and the region’s, profile.


What Pier did

Pier created a striking infographic, promoting never-before-seen stats to highlight the importance of the East of England as the main provider for clean energy in the UK.



By promoting the infographic to vital trade and traditional media, and lobbying key stakeholders across the UK, we ensured the infographic landed in the hands of key figures in government and global business, promoting GENERATE and the East of England to its target audience.


GENERATE’s purpose is to convert energy opportunities into business growth, new jobs and to attract clean energy investment to the East of England. Pier was tasked with highlighting the vast opportunities within the industry and to promote the East of England as the UK’s clean energy powerhouse.


After researching original and headline-grabbing statistics to promote the region, Pier designed and delivered an innovative infographic demonstrating exactly why the East of England is leading the way for clean energy growth and opportunities.

To launch the infographic to the industry, we created a campaign, crafting a news release focusing on the unique selling points as to why the East of England is at the heart of the net zero strategy, while utilising regional businesses to speak as case studies. Social media was also used to promote the infographic and the statistics to as wide an audience as possible.

Calling on our wide array of media contacts, coverage was secured in key titles including ReNEWS and Hydrogen Central. Pier also lobbied local, national and global businesses who subsequently invited GENERATE to join high-profile business consultations and conferences. Members of Parliament commented how useful the infographic was to promote the East of England’s energy potential in Westminster.

The team at Pier have a thorough understanding of the energy sector, enabling the project to hit the ground running

Ian Pease, Business Development Manager – All Energy

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