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Amplify channel activity during key sales periods to drive engagements across the Hungry Joe’s social channels and reward followers


What Pier did

Pier executed a year-long #FridayFeast campaign, comprised of regular mini themed competitions which comprised of using a simple ‘spot the different’ mechanic by creating an appetising ‘feast’ using the Hungry Joe’s meals and accompany drinks and desserts to ensure the activity was accessible and memorable



Across the campaign we achieved:

  • Combined reach of 209k
  • Average engagement rate of 9%
  • 5k entries across Facebook and Instagram
  • Grew the annual average engagement rate on Instagram by 50%
  • Grew Instagram followers by an incredible 185%


Pier executed a series of mini themed social media competitions across the year to amplify channel activity during key sales periods. The ambition behind the #FridayFeast campaign was to drive channel engagement and reward followers through a simple ‘spot the different’ competition mechanic, which was brought to life using appetising ‘feast’ imagery using the Hungry Joe’s meals and accompanying drinks and desserts to ensure the activity was accessible and memorable.

The campaign was underpinned by a robust paid media strategy to widen audience reach and grow the channels.

We achieved impressive results; growing Instagram as a channel by 185% across the year and Facebook by 8.5%, a significant achievement on a channel where brands face an ongoing battle to grow and engage audiences.


Pier has been responsible for the social media channels for Hungry Joe’s for a number of years. After a few years of high quality but infrequent content, our overarching social media strategy for Hungry Joe’s was to deliver a back-to-basics approach – consistent, regular and engaging content, supported by a small paid allowance.

With engagement as the core area for growth, we knew competitions needed to play a role in this as the brand legacy on social media has been one of generosity with fans and revisiting this would help us unlock access to a large part of the channel audience which had become stagnant.

Our tone for the campaign needed to be foodie but fun – Hungry Joe’s is not a brand that takes itself too seriously, and so we created our #FridayFeast spot the difference competition that would play out on six drumbeats through the year aligned with key sales periods.

Creating a social media competition that revolved around the same simple mechanic ensured the campaign was accessible, memorable and encouraged repeat engagement when people became familiar with the concept.

Our creative concept was executed to perfection. The food looked appetising, the concept was social friendly and on brand – fun and generous – and the social performance delivered with an engagement rate well above industry standard.

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A real success story, understanding what motivates our shopper and being clever with budgets!

Lauren Kisby, Category Management Lead, Pilgrim’s Food Masters

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