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| Launch of Fridge Raiders Meat-Free Tasty Bites



Drive trial and awareness of the new Fridge Raiders Meat-Free Tasty Bites by activating on social media through influencer marketing


What Pier did

We developed an organic social strategy to revive the previously dormant channels to reengage existing followers and recruit new ones. To drive bigger reach, we negotiated a powerful influencer partnership with established comedy content creators F0urBr0thers to create a bespoke sketch for TikTok and Instagram Reels. The campaign was rounded off with an influencer gifting campaign by securing 50 micro and mid-tier influencers to gift a summer picnic gifting proposition, which included the new Fridge Raiders Meat Free – Tasty Bites



Our campaign racked up a reach of more than 800K through 49 pieces of content and an impressive 12% engagement rate from our creator partnership


Brought on board to help launch Fridge Raiders Meat-Free Tasty Bites to consumers, we were tasked with driving trial and awareness of the new product launch through organic social media and influencer marketing.

The results were impressive, with a total combined campaign reach of 803k and an average engagement rate of 12% across our paid influencer content, significantly above the industry average for a creator of this size. We also achieved x 48 pieces of gifted influencer content with a combined potential reach of over 419K.

Our strategy helped reignite the previously dormant social channels and drive trial and awareness of the Meat Free Tasty Bites. At the end of a 6 week period, Pier had achieved an average engagement rate of 2%.


Pier was asked to create excitement around the launch of Fridge Raiders Meat Free Tasty Bites using influencers to drive awareness and trial of the brand’s new product. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to put our extensive social media skills and influencer knowledge to work.

With busy Gen Z’s and millennials as the core target audience, our strategy focused on securing a well-established TikTok creator that aligned with the brand’s tongue-in-cheek tone of voice. F0urBr0thers were a perfect fit for the role and created a sketch for the partnership that really resonated with our target audience.

To elevate our influencer marketing further, Pier identified 50 micro and mid-tier influencers within the plant-based, foodie and lifestyle sector that aligned with the brand to send the tasty new product, alongside an exciting summery picnic offering. Our gifting campaign achieved x48 pieces of high-quality organic content across Instagram and TikTok, which is a testament to ensuring the right influencers were targeted for the brand and product.

The final part of the strategy revolved around breathing new life into Fridge Raiders dormant Facebook and Instagram pages to reengage with the existing audience while also recruiting new followers. To kick off our work on the social channels and launch the Fridge Raiders Meat Free Tasty Bites, we created a disruptive graphic for Instagram which spanned nine grid posts to provide a definitive break from previous content and signpost a fresh start. From there, Pier continued to create innovative, on-trend content across Instagram and Facebook, posting frequently to encourage engagement and draw in new fans.

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