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To showcase the positive work of SP Energy Networks (SPEN) by entering and securing short-listings for a range of industry awards


What Pier did

Pier researched awards across a range of sectors, focusing on those with the highest industry reputation and which attract top calibre entries. It then provided recommendations on categories and projects and once agreed with the client, researched projects and initiatives, to create strong award entries, tailored to awards criteria



By expertly summarising SPEN’s innovation and impact within the energy and sustainability industries, PIER has helped showcase some of SPEN’s most impressive work, receiving short-listings and award wins in almost every category entered. This has cemented SPEN’s position as an industry leader, provided powerful content to share across its internal and external channels and demonstrated its work amongst its partners, competitors and stakeholders


SP Energy Networks keeps electricity flowing to around 3.5m homes and businesses throughout Central and Southern Scotland, Mid & North Wales, Merseyside, Cheshire and North Shropshire.

It is not only a main player in the utilities sector, but leads the way in pioneering work to support the journey towards a low carbon future. Through innovative, industry-first projects such as its Green Economy Fund, which helps communities invest in and benefit from low-carbon heating and transport technology and its sustainable business strategy, which has seen it reduce its carbon footprint by 32%, it is leading the way towards net zero.

SPEN has contracted Pier to provide PR support for a range of projects for a number of years, but consistently calls upon Pier’s experts to create strong award entries that showcase SPEN’s good work.


By using its expertise in award entry development, Pier has successfully secured short-listings in almost all awards entered for SPEN over the past year.

Providing guidance and support to the client lead, Pier has been able to pinpoint the strongest projects or initiatives and align them to categories which enable the strongest celebration of SPEN’s achievements.

Pier has worked at length to research and gather information and evidence to support the award entries, interviewing key SPEN contacts and finding the most impactive outcomes and results to support the entries. This has required deep understanding of complex issues from stakeholder engagement to technical innovation, carbon reduction initiatives and corporate governance.

Pier created numerous entries for eight separate award schemes in 12 months, achieving shortlisted entries in four, (1 yet to be announced) and a range of award wins.

Highlights include winning a bronze award in the ‘race to net zero’ category of the Global Good Awards, silver and bronze awards in the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s Innovation Awards, two short-listings in the Utility Week Awards (winners yet to be announced), including as ‘Utility of the Year’, and a shortlisting in the Energy Institute Awards (winners yet to be announced).

Pier’s in-depth knowledge of SPEN’s business and excellence has enabled it to showcase SPEN’s incredible achievements – cementing its place as an industry leader.

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Their dedication and attention to detail has allowed us to gain brand exposure globally

Patricia Carr, Stakeholder Engagement Lead, SP Energy Networks

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