Our pledge to donate 1% of profit to fighting climate change

In our ambition to be the most sustainable business we can, we are putting our money where our mouth is

Sustainability is an incredibly important topic for us. As individuals, we care deeply about the future of our planet. As a business, we want to make sure we are playing our part and reducing our impact as much as possible. And as an agency, it is fundamentally important to our clients, particularly in renewables where of course critical work is happening to drive down emissions.

Pier has a long, proud history of giving back to numerous causes that mean something to us. From donations responding to global crisis such as supporting women in Ukraine, to donating gifts at Christmas to our local charity, BASIC Life who support local people in crisis, we have always been keen to make a difference and help where we can.

We are also doing our bit to keep our impact low through hard-working policies and robust ways of working. You can read about our progress on this here.

With these measures in place, sharing 1% of our profit with organisations and charities working to tackle climate change is another important step to making a tangible difference in our journey to net zero.

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