Announcing the #Pierweare ice cream!

Do you want a flake in yours?

To celebrate our re-launch, we’ve only gone and created our very own ice cream! Announcing the #Pierweare, the world’s first ice cream flavour created exclusively for a comms agency? Quite possibly.

#Pierweare consists of cherry and biscuit ice cream swirled together, topped with blue ‘Nerds,’ representing our new brand both visually with the colour palette, and in its recipe. #Pierweare was made exclusively for Pier by The Little Ice Cream Company in Pier’s birthplace – Felixstowe in Suffolk.

Managing Director Amy said: “We wanted to create a flavour that tells our story. The classic base of cherry and biscuit represents Pier’s integrity – we prize honesty and respect. Our blue Nerds topping visually symbolises the impact our work has – unmissable and imaginative. And of course, with a tongue-in-cheek ‘nerdy’ nod to our deep foundation of knowledge for our craft and our specialist industries.”

We all gathered in Felixstowe recently to try it out – no-one is saying no to an ice cream party – and we were not disappointed! Absolutely delicious and a great excuse for a team get together too.

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