A word from our summer intern

This summer we were pleased to welcome intern Amal Ahmad, who joined us ahead of her final year of university. Amal has been a wonderful asset to the team and we’ve loved having her with us. Here is Amal’s experience in her own words.

This summer we were pleased to welcome intern Amal Ahmad, who joined us ahead of her final year of university. Amal has been a wonderful asset to the team and we’ve loved having her with us. Thanks to the team at the Taylor Bennett Foundation who facilitated this through their Summer Stars programme.

Here is Amal’s experience in her own words…

As my summer internship at Pier comes to an end, I am reflecting on my experience at the agency.

Why I chose to intern

After completing my placement year in a communications-based role, I was eager to explore the field in more depth, specifically the area of PR. I wanted to gain insight into an agency environment to develop my skills, work with new industries, and make choices about my future career path. I can confidently say that my time at Pier has enabled me to achieve this.

The role

As soon as my internship began, I was given opportunity to work with the team, supporting their array of clients in a variety of ways. For example, creating a media distribution list for a theatre production, completing recipe sell-ins for a high-profile food brand, and conducting influencer research for a social media campaign. After useful guidance, I quickly became confident in independently progressing with these tasks. I was able to take part in brainstorms for new campaigns, where I understood how no idea is a bad idea and valued hearing what my more experienced peers suggested. Having had previous experience of working with social media, I was extremely happy to be given the responsibility to lead a 16-month period content calendar for a luxury food brand. I found fulfilment in researching and compiling ideas to highlight the essence of their revamped look and benefited from the feedback provided by senior colleagues.

What I enjoyed the most

Every day I was learning something new. Whether it was knowledge on the consumer or renewable energy industries, the significance of new business approaches, or expanding my awareness of the media landscape, I really enjoyed the diversity in work I was exposed to and able to carry out. A highlight was securing my first piece of media coverage after finding a relevant angle for a renewable energy client. Receiving the email from the journalist brought me such a feeling of joy, instantly becoming a moment I will always remember as I progress through my career. Sitting within a small team meant I was able to learn valuable skills from everyone. Working remotely did not hinder how well engaged and supported I felt throughout my internship. Through daily check-ins and frequent catchups, I was able to get to know my colleagues and hear about their career journeys – pivotal to my own development and understanding of the field.


My time spent at Pier has been invaluable. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to join an award-winning PR & marketing agency at this stage in my career. I look forward to attending my final year of university equipped with a host of new skills, and with a strong ambition to pursue a career in communications.

Amal Ahmad

Thanks so much for your kind words Amal! It has been a pleasure and we can’t wait to see what you go on to achieve.

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