Pier Heads to the City for Free Lunch

This month, East Anglian PR agency Pier hit London to suppport the launch of The City Kitchen’s American-inspired meals.

Faced with the challenge of reaching The City Kitchen’s target audience of young professionals working in the City, Pier ran a competition for employees of London based companies to win free lunch for their office by entering their details via The City Kitchen’s website.  Complete with cowboy hats and American themed props, Pier headed to the winning office, Capita Employee Benefits, to hand deliver their City Kitchen lunch.

The office was a huge success with 200 City Kitchen meals handed out to eager Capita colleagues looking for a fresh and exciting new option for lunch.  To encourage purchase and drive the lucky winners in store, Pier also distributed branded leaflets, including a money off coupon and directions to their nearest Tesco store.

Winner of the office drop competition and Head of Health Management at Capita, Alistair Dornan, commented, “As a PR team, you’re ahead of the rest.  I work with many and have been impressed how you and the team approached this campaign and engaged fully with our marketing guys.  Diligent, professional and great at delivering energy when you were on site.”

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