Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

You can read our commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion here.


Pier Marketing Ltd (the Company) is committed to creating a stimulating and supportive working environment based on mutual respect and trust where equality of opportunity is offered to all our employees, customers and job applicants.  We recognise the link between equality and high-quality performance and we understand that ensuring equality of opportunity is essential for the successful and innovative development of our business. 

We acknowledge our responsibility to identify value and respond appropriately to varying needs and perspectives.  No one should receive less favourable treatment before or during employment on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including colour, nationality and ethnic background), religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation as defined in the Protected Characteristics of the Equality Act 2010.

This policy is founded on the firm belief that recognising the difference in people creates a productive environment in which everyone feels valued and can give of their best to successfully achieve our business objectives. 

Every employee at Pier has a personal responsibility for the implementation of this policy.

This policy applies to every aspect of our business, including the recruitment and selection processes, remuneration, conditions of work, training and development of staff, promotion, selection for redundancy and/or dismissal. 

As you would expect, this policy applies equally to the treatment of our contractors, partners, customers and suppliers.  It also extends to those groups and individuals within society who experience discrimination and disadvantage on the basis of particular social circumstances and who are not covered by existing legislation.

1. The directors’ responsibility

The directors have a responsibility to ensure that this policy is implemented and observed.  They have a key role in ensuring that individuals are recruited, selected, promoted and treated fairly using objective, relevant criteria.  No one must be disadvantaged by requirements or conditions which are not necessary for the performance of their job or which constitute direct or indirect unfair discrimination.  The directors also have a responsibility to act as positive role models encouraging and supporting diversity and equality of opportunity in the workplace.

2. Recruitment

Recruitment decisions will be made on the basis of fair and objective criteria. Person and job specifications are based on relevant requirements for the effective performance of the role.  When advertising roles we seek to use a variety of routes to encourage applications from as wide a range of applicants as possible.  Job advertisements are constructed from the job and person specification and include only criteria that are essential for the role to avoid exclusion of potential applicants.  Interviews are conducted on an objective basis against criteria for the role. 

3. Training

We recognise that all our employees should have the opportunity to develop as individuals to maximise their own potential and contribution to our organisation.  All employees have access to development and training opportunities through our performance management processes. 

4. Disability and reasonable adjustments

The requirements of job applicants and existing employees who have or have had a disability will be reviewed to ensure that reasonable adjustments are made to enable them to enter into or remain in employment with the Company.  This will include working with the individual and advisors to identify the most appropriate solution.  Access to promotion opportunities, benefits and facilities of employment are open to all and every reasonable effort is made to ensure that employees with disabilities participate fully in the workplace. 

5. Employees’ responsibility

All employees have a right to equality of opportunity and a duty to implement this policy.  Breach of this policy is potentially a serious disciplinary matter.  Anyone who believes that he or she may have been victimised, harassed or discriminated against is entitled to raise the matter through the Grievance Procedure.

6. Grievance

Any member of staff may use the Grievance Procedure to raise a concern or complaint about perceived discriminatory behaviour.  No individual will be disadvantaged for raising such a concern. However, we expect that any such complaint will be truthful and made in good faith.  Every case will be treated seriously and in confidence unless it is proven to be malicious or fraudulent.

Any contractor who wishes to raise a concern or complaint should approach a director, who will investigate the situation.

7. Conduct

Any employee who breaches the Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy will be subject to the Disciplinary Procedure.  In serious cases such behaviour will be deemed to constitute gross misconduct and, as such, may result in summary dismissal.

8. Religion or belief

We will ensure that employees’ religion or beliefs and related observances are respected and accommodated wherever possible and respect people’s beliefs where the expression of those beliefs does not impinge on the legitimate rights of others.

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