A new career journey at Pier: What awaits after graduation

Our new starter and recent graduate Sophie Judd has loved every minute since joining Pier earlier this year. Find out what it’s like to join a PR agency straight from university in this blog, along with her top five tips for other graduates.

Starting my new career in a graduate PR job at Pier has been both exciting and rewarding after recently finishing my degree in marketing.

To settle my nerves on my first day I remember making a cup of tea before heading down to the office. I felt nervous as I stepped into the professional world, beginning the role of Account Assistant. However, I was excited to put my recently gained knowledge to use. Starting in the renewables sector at Pier meant entering myself into a world of new responsibilities, client meetings and bags of new knowledge. 

Since then I have had the opportunity to collaborate with interesting clients and approachable team members on a daily basis; fostering effective communication within the team and building strong relationships is a crucial part of my job. I love that I get to complete different tasks daily with the constant opportunity to gain new knowledge. 

The friendly team at Pier have so far not only helped me deliver quality work, but also opened doors to further growth and exciting opportunities.  

I’m not the only graduate taking their first step into the working world either. So here are my top five tips if you’re making the leap. 

  1. Make lots of notes and be confident – your colleagues will love that, and it will be handy to remember everything you’ve been taught. 
  1. Try new activities out of your comfort zone and ask for new opportunities, it’s the best way to learn! 
  1. Work on your time-management skills. It’s best to plan your day using a calendar to get top priority tasks finished first. 
  1. Practice using technology. There are a lot of different apps and websites used in integrated communications. 
  1. If you are working from home, make sure you have a clean, stress-free workspace. 

Now finishing my second month I have already had to chance to witness how strategies are developed, campaigns are executed, media coverage is gained and overall, how a strong team of professionals work together to achieve client success. Going forward I can’t wait for different opportunities to work on new projects with clients and help deliver engaging campaigns. Bring it on!

Sophie Judd, Account Assistant

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